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BSEI is Accredited with Quality by The Georgia Accrediting Commission

Educational Philosophy

We believe that education should be culturally grounded, rigorous, stimulating, and relevant to the practical lifestyles and developmental needs of our students. We infuse socio-emotional development and self love as a part of our academic standard of excellence. We emphasize the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, and use group and self-directed assignments to help our students develop self discipline and become intrinsically motivated towards their education. We provide an environment and curriculum for the untapped creative genius of our children to truly develop.


Our vision is for BSEI to be an integral and vital part of the larger Atlanta community, more specifically, of the movement to create a viable and healthy community for people of African descent. We see Black Star contributing to the building of community in a meaningful way. Guided by our teachers, our students will volunteer their energies in an effort to serve the interests of our people, our vision, and in turn, that of our students.

About BSEI

We value community, family, commitment, and relationships. We believe that the character and education of our students is enhanced through strong families, identification with the community, a commitment to excellence, and building life-long relationships. We are building trailblazers, trendsetters, and visionaries who will always strive to hold themselves accountable to be the best they can be.

African Traditional Values for Character Development

Traditional African culture is embedded within the curriculum to foster a sense of identity, social development, and healthy community governance. Students are taught to ask themselves key questions when addressing their peers, families, and the greater community: How do we treat each other? How do we interact with one another? How do we communicate in a healthy way? How do we resolve conflict in a healthy way? How do we truly create a community whose members trust each other? We endeavor to create a balanced and holistic student who is both academically astute and community minded.


The course is mandatory for all students, and it supports them in beginning individual businesses in addition to forming business partnerships with their peers.  They pool monies and resources, learn about licensure and contracts, work together in cooperative groups, and invest in each others’ collective dreams.

International Studies

Black Star scholars are exposed to texts, theories, and curricular materials from nations all over the world.  These texts are infused within our curriculum, carrying with them culture and tradition as students learn basic academic concepts.  To extend classroom instruction, our students are encouraged to travel—experiencing peoples, lands, and cultures they study about, first hand.

Critical Thinking & Project-Based Curriculum

Our educational approach is based on the theory that students must become engineers of their own future.  They have to think “outside” and  “around” the box as they investigate their world, creating new ways of understanding it.  Students are invested in their own education through projects, activities, and interactions with their peers.  They often present new information in the classroom, which advances the learning process far beyond what is possible in lecture-based instructional settings.

College & Trade Prep

BSEI students are prepared for life.  When students choose to attend college or to further their career options, we prepare them for that environment both socially and academically.  Our students begin college classes while still enrolled at BSEI.  As a result, they are not intimidated by the process.  In addition, BSEI students support one another in becoming acclimated to college life.  When students choose a trade, they are also supported in apprenticing under master teachers in their chosen fields.  Our students who choose this option are also prepared for relevant tests toward certification.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is now open! Apply today for our all-virtual, project-based year-round High School program (9th-12th grade).

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Educating Our Children to Define their Own Reality