Black Star


"In our worldview, our children are seen as divine gifts of our creator. Our children, their families, and the social and physical environment must be nurtured together. They must be nurtured in a way that is appropriate for spiritual people, whose aim is to build for eternity."

- Dr. Asa Hilliard

We are a Community of Learners, Artists, Creatives, Visionaries, Lovers, Activists, Warriors, Healers, and Explorers. Our non-profit, BSEI: LPI, supports Black Star’s educational initiatives to produce students who create and cultivate excellence in their educational pursuits and amongst one another. 

Student in class room
Student using laptop

Black Star Educational Institute is an Accredited, Independent Private School. Black Star brings together culture, educational excellence, character development, entrepreneurship, and life prep skills  to properly equip the next generation of leaders, creatives, and innovators. Black Star utilizes the unique talents and gifts of each student in order to enhance classroom and educational experiences. Students at Black Star are not only challenged to dream, they are equipped with the proper tools to make their dreams a reality.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is now open! Apply today for our all-virtual, project-based year-round High School program (9th-12th grade).

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Black Star Educational Institute created an innovative model of learning that comprises the five points of our star.

These five pillars are the foundation of our educational process.
They ensure all students are empowered to be healthy contributors to society, assuring our ability to build for generations to come.

Educating Our Children to Define their Own Reality